Supply Chain Management

Use our Deep Industry Knowledge

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Get the ability to select best suited supply chain for each of your service need an supply chain performance to reduce cost

Traxall International has a deep industry knowledge coupled with a central database of suppliers, leasing rates and supply chain performance allowing for fast and effective supply chain selection. We will enable our clients to have the ability to select best suited supply chain for each service need, identifying appropriate cost-value trade-off for each cost category.

Our deliverables include:

  • Assisting you in setting up supply chain management strategy within client guidelines;
  • Assisting you in identifying best suited supply chain(s) based on Traxall International internal information and fleet management expertise;
  • Supporting you in monitoring supplier performance relative to SLAs with existing suppliers;
  • Supporting you in the definition/redefining of new frame agreements with existing supply chains.

The chart above illustrates the processes from the initial step of deciding how to order until finally remarket your vehicles. The Supply Chain Management program of Traxall International will ensure the best suited supply chains for your needs