Enhanced Sourcing

Key success factors to optimize the overall supply chain.

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Reduce your workload with our best-in-class IT tools and improve your ordering process effectivly with low investment risk.

Traxall International sourcing programme will support your company by selecting and controlling all of your strategic suppliers to receive best possible conditions in a sustainable long term manner. In particular, within a 'multi-supply' environment it is essential to use best-in-class IT tools to streamline the ordering process effectively. Traxall International will optimize the ordering process and will manage all of your orders to avoid any additional workload for your employees and internal departments.

In order to optimize the sourcing process, Traxall International developed an easy to use, web-based tool allowing the driver to select, configure and generate the car order according to specified client policies.

The Traxall International Car Configurator offers an unique solution which is completely independent of any influence by leasing companies and manufacturers.

Car Configurator

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