Contract Management

Provider Satisfaction Program

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Reduce cost, add value an optimize your processes with our 360 degree view on contract portfolio and monitoring programm

Traxall International is uniquely positioned to embed Enterprise contract management in its services portfolio. With hands on support, we bring our expertise to the market place that will work alongside your own legal services.

The Contract Management services by Traxall International provides the client with a 360 degree view on contract portfolio and a strategic view with the objective of reducing costs, adding value, controlling the risks & optimising the processes

Traxall International will provide a monitoring programme to ensure that operational fleet activities are delivered in an efficient and high quality manner as agreed within the signed Master Service and Service Level Agreements and monitor quality and efficiency metrics output, including data accuracy metrics.

This service is unmatched and allows our clients to encapsulate, monitor and benchmark the results of their enhanced sourcing programmes. We will support you with Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators and contract renewal to finally close the loop on your outsourced fleet management services.

The chart above illustrates how Traxall will ensure supplier management strategies are achieving their full potential.