Consolidated Reporting

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Traxall International developed a BI (business intelligence) software to converge local key fleet data into a clear and wide angle overview on an international level allowing accurate performance ratio’s, information consolidation and local benchmarking facilitating ongoing performance management.

Converging fleet data from multiple sources and suppliers into a model that draws the complete and consistent picture. That is what so many Enterprises fleet operators are looking for.

But for Traxall International that is not enough. Based on our performance management principles we have even driven this data platform to the next level.

Traxall International consolidated reporting service will provide you with a full conversion of data to information, supported by trends analysis, benchmarking and policy recommendations.

Our data pooling also allows capturing all critical data for identifying your current baseline, areas of improvements and supports planning and implementation phases by using an end-to-end process coverage.

Traxall International uses Business Intelligence (BI) software to deliver strategic and tactical reports on local and European level combined with analysis and expertise.

The chart above illustrates the process how to transform data into information