Car Configurator

Reduce your TCO with our online Car Configurator

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We developed an easy to use, web-based tool allowing the driver to select, configure and generate the car order according to specified client policies.

99% Buildable Cars We can reduce work and time by delivering 99% buildable configurations.

Easy to use Our intuitive user interface makes sure drivers can concentrate on configuring their company car rather than learning how to use our software.

Flexible architecture If you need an interface to your own systems, we can provide it to you.

High Return of Investment Select the best suitable vehicles according to your car policy.

Use it everywhere Our car configurator is designed as a SaaS (Software as a Service). It is platform-independent.

Get Cherry-Picking Optimize the supply chain for your drivers and your company.

Reduce your TCO Model any car policy in order to achieve your TCO goals.

Customize it Our car configurator can be easily customized, so that it will fit into your corporate identity.

General Questions

  • Why should we use the car configurator?

    Our solution can simply harmonize the ordering process in more than 46 countries for you. It is your employees´ satisfaction program due to the fact that just one tool could be used without boundaries in regard of languages and countries.

  • How will the car configurator improve our TCO?

    Independent solution delivering flexible supplier choice scenarios and ability to source models with favorable TCO.

  • How does the car configurator works?

    It is designed to work as easy as possible. A driver will get a login, this login is tied to his grade. He can access it 24 hours a day and configure his favourite cars with all the options he likes to have (as long as it is within his budget). He might then save them to review them on another day. He can compare them to each other and print them. At the end he has to submit one of the configurations as the final order.

  • Which cars are configuratable with it?

    A driver can see and choose only those cars, which are within his budget. If there is no budget defined, he can see and configure any car.

  • Can I see a live demo of the car configurator?

    Of course. Please contact us at