Application for the Information Age

Communicate with drivers in a very smart way.

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Communicate with drivers in a very smart way

Traxall Mobility App is multi-lingual and the enabler to communicate with the driver in a very smart way.

The app is available for all main devices (Apple, Microsoft*, Android*) and is linked with the ERP system of Traxall International in order to use the app more intelligent. All relevant data regarding the vehicle, mileage, costs, allowances and e.g. driver documents are included in the app as within the online driver portal. (* coming soon)

Accident Management, UVV control as well as driver license check can be managed by using the app. Frequent Asked Questions and emergency telephone numbers are fundamental information for the drivers and online available.

Communication from and to the drivers can be generated tailor-made (individually, by grade, by business unit, by country, by legal entity) by using our business process management software to execute automate decisions.

This application for the information age will improve the communication flow to the drivers in a real time modus and will streamline the way we work.